Steve Smith

I have been interested in Computers, Radio and Electronics since I was a young lad. My father before me was similarly interested, and it was through him I learned how to fit a 13A plug and solder (with a gas hob soldering iron!) around the age of seven.

I was lucky enough to be able to study electronics at senior school and passed a CSE, the usual qualification then, before gaining a Trainee Service Engineer position shortly after leaving school. It wasn’t for me for various reasons, so I left the job after 8 months or so but retained my interest in all things electronic, leading me to take my Radio Amateur’s Exam in 1993. I passed and was allocated the callsign G0TDJ which I hold to this day.

Throughout the late 80s and early 90s I did lots with Sinclair Spectrums using my trusty 48K Plus that I had upgraded myself. Foolishly I sold my complete collection. But, eventually some years later, I got an itch to do some more 8-bit computing. I collected a massive amount of 8-bit machines including many Spectrums and ran a website TOCA.org.uk (The Old Computer Archive – Now defunct) for a long time with a database of information for lots of the machines held in the collection. Circumstances saw me loosing the entire collection though.

Enter the ZX Spectrum Next. This machine fired up my interest once more and I managed to obtain several Sinclair machines whilst I waited (and still wait!) for the completed ‘Next. Over the interveening years, I have also persued electronics knowledge. This enabled me to create a number of projects, all published on the ‘Project’ sites for anyone to use. I update the sites as and when I feel like it and when have the time available. Sometimes, I don’t post for months but I always come back.

All the designs published on this site are free for anyone to use in any way they wish, personal or commercial. I am gradually tidying up the references to licencing but the idea is the same site-wide. The designs are there to be used. Whilst I appreciate notification if a project is built, and I love to see images of the designs in action, it isn’t a requirement.

Having said that, I don’t guarantee that any of the designs, files or information provided are fit for any purpose and if you use them, it is entirely at your own risk. I do endeavor to make sure all the files and information are accurate but no responsibility for damages will be accepted for anything resulting from the designs, files or information use.

ProjectSPECCY.com is part of a family of ‘Project’ sites including ProjectVIR.com (specifically for general projects), ProjectAVR.com (For projects based around Atmel AVRs) and ProjectHAB.co.uk (All about High Altitude Ballooning). Some of the projects are necessarily cross-posted but these will be cleaned up and organised in due course.

I hope you find the material available on the site to be useful and interesting and have as much fun using it as I do compiling it.

Steve Smith 2019 – steve (at) projectspeccy (dot) com