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DIY Microdrive Cable

Recently, since I’ve been using my ZX Microdrives again, I have found that the cable connecting the Microdrive pair to my Sinclair Interface One has become a little unreliable. I have seen second hand cables for sale but I couldn’t … Continue reading

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Forgotten Code – Spectrum Sprite Hacker

Way back when; in the Sinclair Spectrum heyday, I used to do lots of hacking. I much more enjoyed diving into the machine code of games and making them do things outside of their design rather than actually playing them. … Continue reading

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Fun with LensLok

Today (19th Oct 2017), a question was asked in the Facebook Group ‘Spectrum For Everyone’ by Seamus Doyle of what our experiences were of the LensLok technology. This clever device was a special lens, made of plastic, which you would … Continue reading

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Microdrive ‘n’ Through

Having purchased and fitted the excellent vDrive ZX to an old Microdrive case, I now had the question of how to connect my working Microdrive to the vDrive. I’d bought the Microdrives separately and neither came with a through connector. … Continue reading

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I was extremely lucky to secure one of the first vDrive ZXs when the creator, Charlie Ingley put them up for sale on The sale came at just the right time, since I had just got my Interface One … Continue reading

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