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Backplane again

I received the second version of the Spectrum Backplane the other day. I have since built one up and tested it briefly and it looks like it’s all OK. This issue with the first one was that the front edge … Continue reading

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DIY Microdrive Cable

Recently, since I’ve been using my ZX Microdrives again, I have found that the cable connecting the Microdrive pair to my Sinclair Interface One has become a little unreliable. I have seen second hand cables for sale but I couldn’t … Continue reading

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Content is King

There is an oft quoted law that describes my situation. It shall remain un-named in case it offends anyone! However, when I say I was all geared up to post lots of info on this site and suddenly, things many … Continue reading

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This site is a companion site to www.ProjectAVR.com At the time I started that site, my focus was Atmel AVRs (Now owned by Microchip) and associated technology. I am still very interested in AVRs and I will continue to use … Continue reading

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